If you work it, you should control it


The cost of living crisis has once again shown the need for the building of a solidarity economy as an alternative to failed neo-liberalism. We desperately need coops in housing, energy, food, and many other areas of the economy to give democratic and economic control to workers and consumers.

We are delighted to have Les Huckfield as a guest speaker on 23rd February (7pm on Zoom). Les’ political and academic work has shown how coops have moved from being aProfessor Les Huckfield mainstream part of the political agenda, to being politically marginalised. Many of us in the cooperative movement are involved in great work to keep existing coops going, and to set up new coops.

But despite the hard work of many people, it still feels like coops are not part of the mainstream political agenda in the UK. In this webinar Les (pictured) will share his experience to show how we can once again get coops back on the mainstream political agenda to help us to thrive once more.

This event is Pay-As-You-Feel. Please contribute if you can.







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