Top 5 reasons why you should go to the Robert Owen Museum

Serial cooperator  Robert Owen was a serial cooperator.  He understood the need for a cooperative commonwealth, in which people could meet all their economic and social needs by being members of a cooperative.  Owen was involved in cooperative housing, education and health care as well as his famous mill in New Lanark.

Social enterprise journey Robert Owen started off as a social entrepreneur.  He set up businesses with a social purposes.  But they weren’t cooperatives.  They weren’t owned by their workers or cooperatives.  Owen became interested in the cooperative model as a way of increasing the democratic and economic participation of working class people in the communities they lived in.  Nowadays it would be called inclusive growth.

Rochdale Pioneers Robert Owen greatly influenced the Rochdale Pioneers, widely regarded as the founders of the modern cooperative movement.  

Beautiful building  The Robert Owen Museum was built in 1902 in the Arts and Crafts style.  Most of the items in the museum are from Robert Owen’s time and have a direct association with him.  

Newtown, Powys is a charming town on the border between Wales and England, nestling alongside the River Severn.

Book now for our study visit to the Robert Owen Museum on 25th September 2021. 



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